As I mentioned in an earlier post, this felt-tip eyeliner came with my April 2018 Ipsy bag. I have to say – I am genuinely in love with this eyeliner!!

I first starting using felt-tip eyeliners about 8 years ago, after a friend let me try hers. I loved it immediately and got my own, soon becoming a cat-eye fiend (as we all are 😂). I have mostly used drugstore brands; Maybelline, Nyx, and Essence. While all these brands make great felt-tip liners, I think I am fully converted to the higher end ones!

What struck me first, and what I found to be the most stark difference between the Ciaté eyeliner and other brands was the stiffness of the pen tip. What I found the most difficult about other eyeliner pens was that the pen’s tip is often too flexible, which can make it harder to control. But this eyeliner has a tip that only flexes a little bit – which gives you more control and helps you get into spots that might otherwise be difficult to reach.

The other end of this eyeliner has a tiny eyeliner stamp in the shape of a star. Eye stamps are super trendy right now, and the built in stamp makes doing this look much easier! Personally, I don’t usually do eye stamps on myself, but it’s fun to have the option of it, and the stamp is of high quality.

As for the formula, it is highly pigmented and glides on easily. It doesn’t skip or smear at all, and it dries quickly to a true black finish. It makes doing a winged eye very easy!

As for any drawbacks of this product, the fact that it dries so quickly makes it a bit harder to clean up any mistakes. This can also be a benefit, of course, as this means this eyeliner also has good staying power.

Final Verdict: This is probably my favourite felt-tip eyeliner that I’ve tried so far, and I definitely recommend this product. This particular product is limited edition, so if you want one, be sure to move quick!

Here is a quick picture of the eyeliner + stamp at work:

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