Hey all! It’s a bit late where I am, but I wanted to get this post out; a small sneak preview of what I got in my Ipsy bag and what I’ll be reviewing in the days ahead. The featured image is a picture of this month’s bag that I posted on my Instagram.

I apologise in advance for the poor photos, I am still using my phone camera. Its been cold and snowy here in Ontario still, but as soon as it warms up a little more I am planning to do more pics in the outdoors, with natural lighting and my DSLR.

But I digress – this month’s Ipsy theme is “Social Butterfly”; which as a true introvert is something I’ve never been, but is something I aspire to be! While the bag itself won’t confer any social prowess, it’s extremely pretty!

It has a minimalist design, with photorealistic drawings of butterflies in both warm and cool Springtime pastels. The bottom corners are edged with pink pleather; and this material composes the zip tab as well. The following is a photo of my bag, no flash, indoors:

In this picture the corners appear more gold-toned, but are most definitely pink!

I recieved five products, the standard for Ipsy. Some are sample size and others are full size; it really depends on the brand/item. So, here’s a sneak peek of my April 2018 Ipsy items and upcoming reviews!

1. Ciatรฉ London Starstruck Limited Edition Eyeliner/Stamp (I am obsessed with this and can’t wait to review it!) [Photo with no flash]

2. Firma Beauty 202 Eyeshadow Brush [Photo with no flash]

3. Meech and Mia loose powder eyeshadow in Copper (metallic) [Photos have flash to better show the colour]

4. Filorga Laboratories Paris Meso-Mask (Smoothing Illuminating Mask) [Photo with no flash]

5. Skin&Co Roma “Truffle Therapy” whipped polishing cleansing cream with truffle extract [Photo with no flash]

So there you have it! This is my “Ipsy Haul” from this month, and I’m really excited to review them! The eyeliner is easily my favourite.

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