This post will be updated later with pics of my lovely chrome beauty! πŸ™ˆ

I first took an intro pole class in November of 2016, and another during the early summer of 2017. While both were great, and I learned a ton of basics and built up some strength, it got harder to progress when I only attended once a week, and taking more classes was very expensive in the long run. In addition, moving back to my (very conservative) hometown that doesn’t have a single pole studio definitely made it next to impossible to practice as much as I’d like to.

So, after crunching some numbers, I decided that buying a home pole and being able to practice when I liked would ultimately save me money and see me progress further. As it stands, its a 45 minute drive a pole studio! Classes can range from $40-$70, and that cost can quickly add up.

I did some research, and I found that the Xpole Xpert was a great choice for me. It was $483CND, and while this might seem expensive, its worth it for tried and true (and safe!) equipment; as well as the freedom to practice on your own time.

The pole I ordered is 45mm in diameter and has a chrome finish. This is the standard when it comes to studios and competitions. It also has both static and spin functions, which is amazing! Oh – and the fact its portable with no drilling required is great for someone likes me who moves a lot! The pole came very quickly, I ordered on a Friday and recieved either the next Wednesday or Thursday.

I thought it would be a lot easier to install than it was, but this is partially due to my own inability to put together anything more complicated than IKEA furniture! Its best to have one or two other people to help you.

It turned out that the ceiling in my bedroom was too short – by half an inch!!! I was a bit upset, especially since I just had my floor redone with nice hardwood, perfect for practicing floorwork on! However, I was not going to waste $500 over half an inch! An empty bedroom upstairs had more than enough ceiling height, but I did have to sacrifice what would have been a much better dance space. Remember to measure FIRST before you buy! As well, the floor upstairs isn’t due to be done in six weeks or so, so I’m dealing with a bit of rugburn as well! Hardwood is optimal, but if you wear socks and make sure to not overdo it, carpet can work in a pinch.

I was very surprised at how much upper body strength I’d lost over the past year – I managed to do a single, clumsy swing before I was unable to hold my own body weight (for reference, I am 5’7″ and 165lbs). It was simply too hard! A bit of research told me it could take two months for that upper body strength to come back! πŸ˜₯ but that’s what is great about owning your own pole, you can practice as you see fit!

So, while I work on getting my strength back (pushups and planks!), I’ve been practicing walk arounds, hooks, and floor inversions. There is so much you can do to practice even if you can’t swing at all! I downloaded “The Pole Dancing Community Beginner Syllabus” from the GooglePlay store, and its been incredibly useful. It costs $5, but has videos of nearly every pole move!

Even though I can’t do a swing yet, just doing walk arounds is a great upper body workout (these walk arounds involve a sexy little pirouette whilst keeping your balance with the pole). Floor inversions are great for flexibility as well as for conditioning for aerial inversions when you reach intermediate level. Important note on aerial inversions – its very important to at the very least have someone to spot you as well as a crash mat. Ideally, you would learn aerial inversions under the supervision of a pole dancing instructor, who can teach you safety and proper form. This is what I will be doing before attempting any aerial inversions at home!

So yeah – the Xpert has been one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while! I still have 35lbs to go before I reach my goal weight of 130lbs; I expect this exercise will help immensely! Before, I found working out tedious, and motivation was so, so hard. I’ve already lost 115lbs, but through CICO, and with very little working out. Finding poledancing has been amazing, I look forward to each workout, and getting stronger so I can pull off better moves and eventually have the stamina and skill for entire dances keeps me going; even though I’m bruised and hella sore! It feels awesome when you finally get that move down right!

So this has been my experience with poledancing (so far, expect updates in the future!). I would recommend it to anyone (18+ of course!), female or male. And if you’re in the market for buying a pole, the Xpert might work perfect for you.

(*this has not been sponsored or endorsed by Xpole in any way! This is 100% my experience and opinions; and before you start any new workout ask your doc! 😷)

ekw ✌

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