Today I’ll be reviewing Revlon ColorStay Creme Eyeshadow; in 740 and 760 (purple and silver shimmer, shown in the header image with flash).

This is honestly a really good cream eyeshadow, especially the shimmer shades. They come with a small, flat brush that fits into the lid (shown below πŸ‘‡).

While the brush that comes with the shadow is decent and is something you can make do with (plus it makes the product convienient to carry), I personally would suggest something more dense to get the most out of the pigmentation. I used Urban Decay Good Karma Shadow Brush.

What sets this apart from other coloured cream shadows I’ve tried, especially ones with glitter, is that it actually DOES stay! Mine lasted about 12 hours (without primer), and while the colour and shimmer faded slightly, it did not crease or have any glitter fallout. It goes on easily and blends easy as well. The shadow does dry to feel slightly rough, although it doesn’t look so visually.

The following are three swatches – indoor, with and without flash; and natural lighting (today is overcast ☁).

Indoor – with flash

Indoor – no flash

Natural lighting

The pictures show a few “chunks” on the swatches, this is just a bit of extra product and easily blends in with the rest of the shadow; just lightly brush your finger over it!

Overall, I’d rate this product very highly and I’m almost certainly going to pick up some more!

I hope you all have a lovely day, and like + follow for more reviews, and soon tutorials! πŸ’‹

✌ ekw

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