I first got interested in subscription boxes about two years ago, and after some research, I chose Ipsy.

Ipsy sends subscribers a monthly bag with five beauty items customised for your individual beauty needs. Its very affordable, and you recieve a full size product in your birthday month! They have a number of contests and giveaways too.

I had to cancel my subscription a year ago to save money, and only resigned up a few days ago. My new Ipsy bag should arrive between the 15th and 25th of May!

My experience signing up the first time was slightly difficult. I was initially put on a waitlist, and to bypass this waitlist I had to follow the Ipsy creators on their social medias (all of whom are extremely talented with makeup!).

After doing this, my Ipsy bag came as anticipated. They arrive in a beautiful metallic pink shipping envelope, and each month’s beauty bag has a different theme and features new products, many from indie brands.

In my personal experience, my Ipsy bag always arrived on time, and has contained everything it’s supposed to. Others have complained of the beauty bags arriving late, but in my personal experience, this has not been the case.

I did not have to do anything regarding a waitlist when I signed up this time, but this may be because I was previously subscribed.

I would recommend Ipsy to anyone who is interested in beauty. Its affordable, the bags are cute, the products are (often) good quality. Its an excellent way to grow your makeup collection and try new products on a budget.

You will be seeing me review a lot of Ipsy products once they begin arriving monthly! The picture features a beauty bag I recieved from Ipsy in 2015 and the products that came inside. I even used the galaxy design of the bag as inspiration for one of my tattoos!

What is/are your favourite subscription box(es), and why? I’d love to try out more!

✌ ekw

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